Developing your staff

Weekly assessments must be conducted by the learner and submitted to our professional team , where feedback will be provided to the learner on potential improvement strategies.

The learner will be guided every step of the way by a member of our professional team.

The OHS Act clearly defines the duties of the employer. Such duties include providing training and information in regards to HSE related matters. The staff development program takes place over a period of 40 weeks and will include the following :

Step 1

Development of HSE related documents such as policies , procedures , guidelines , risk management stratagies , monitoring and review arrangements ETC.

Step 2

Implementation of the documentation that has been developed.

Step 3

Monitoring and review of the related policies and procedures to determine the effectiveness of such.

Recommended for the following designations :

  • Project Managers/Senior Management Members
  • Site/Construction Managers
  • Site Supervisors
  • HSE Officers
  • HSE Reps